Keep Your Lights On No Matter What with help from Beacon Electric, LLC

Keep Your Lights On No Matter What with help from Beacon Electric, LLC

Schedule your generator installation in Harrah, OK

If there is a blackout or your electrical panel breaks, make sure you have the ability to keep all of your lights and appliances working properly. Beacon Electric, LLC is here for you. Beacon Electric, LLC is a certified installer of Generac generators, which are some of the best in the industry. We also install Briggs and Stratton models.

Call 405-953-4192 right now for a free quote on a generator in Harrah, OK and surrounding areas.

3 reasons to buy a generator ASAP

Buying a generator is one of smartest investments you can make. Contact Beacon Electric, LLC about our warrantied generators because:

  1. You'll be all set if the power goes out. If a bad storm comes through town or the Harrah, OK area experiences a blackout, you'll still be able to power your home.
  2. You can avoid food waste. If the power goes out, you can use your generator to keep your refrigerator running at home or at the office.
  3. If you have a well with an electric pump, a generator is essential when you lose power. It will keep the water on at your home or commercial property.

An Beacon Electric, LLC contractor will examine your property, then provide you with a quote on your installation. Your new generator will require a down payment, but it comes with two free oil changes and a free year of service.

Do you already have a generator that needs repair? Contact Beacon Electric, LLC ASAP for routine generator maintenance and repairs.